‘Transmansplaining’ is an original one-man stage show based on the experiences of Ben, a self-described “short, balding, bearded, gay, trans man”. Using humour, storytelling and intimate disclosures, he reveals his unique perspective of life as a male trapped in a female body. Drawing on his memoir A Cut Closer to Whole and fifteen years of living as a man, ‘Transmansplaining’ chronicles Ben’s early inklings of being different, the realisation of his sexuality and gender dysphoria, and the poignant and often humorous observations of being a female-to-male transsexual.

Since becoming a Semi-Finalist in the World Championships of Public Speaking (Chicago 2018), Ben has been in demand as a speaker, combining his skills as a natural raconteur and comic, with the passion of a social justice activist. Transmansplaining finally reveals the real Ben: writer, advocate and trans man performer.

Tickets are available from the Mount Alexander Box Office.