The Starship Stowaway – 14 March

The Starship Stowaway – 14 March

At Home residency program
Supported by the Regional Centre for Culture

In residence 5-14 March
Schools performance 14 March

The Starship Stowaway is a thrilling science-fiction play intended for primary aged children whose themes address environmental dilemmas via an allegorical action/adventure plot. A tale of survival through conservation, reducing and recycling, the characters learn new skills of tolerance and respect. After an adventure to a lush alien planet, the story ends by asking the audience a difficult question – should humans return to the planet? And if so, what should or shouldn’t they do?

Mark Penzak has been working professionally in theatre since 1986. His principal education is a BA Theatre/Media from Sturt University followed by a Masters of Design (Film/TV) from Edinburgh College of the Arts Scotland where he specialised in puppetry and work for children. He has studied acting with John Bolton, Philippe Gaulier and particularly a physical theatre/mime with Desmond Jones. His plays have performed at La Mama, Edinburgh & Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival and have toured throughout Australia, Scotland, England and Ireland. In 2018, Mark will be artist in resident at Popps Packing in Detroit USA where he will explore the concept of home. Mark resides in Castlemaine.

Following Mark’s residency at the Phee, the play will begin touring schools from Queensland to SA. Find out more at