The Scones are to Die for – 22-24 March

The Scones are to Die for – 22-24 March

At Home residency program
Supported by the Regional Centre for Culture

In residence 15-24 March
Performances 22, 23 and 24 March

The Castlemaine Youth Theatre presents The Scones Are to Die For.

When Lauren’s grandma doesn’t return from ‘The Great London Bake Off’ An adventure begins with the discovery of hidden codes and devices revealing Granny is actually one of “THE 6” the world’s greatest aged secret agents who cleverly disguise themselves at U3’As and bingo clubs around the world. The codes and clues Granny has left (in knitting games and in Granny’s special tea ceremony) help Lauren to save Granny and the world from an evil mastermind. With some bumbling henchmen, a couple of cops from Melbourne and the girls from the netball team, this comedy adventure is such a delight!

The story is by local award winning author Cate Kennedy. The scenes and dialogue have been devised by the students with Kirstie Babbage and Mandy Field from Castlemaine Circus as supporting teacher and Choreographer.

The Castlemaine Youth Theatre is operated independently by director and facilitator Kirstie Babbage. For more information visit



$12/ $15