Al Wunder, Julianne Eveleigh and Robyn Sedgewick have 179 years of living between them, giving them the license to be daring, fresh, new and irreverent, using their personal histories to explore everyday experiences.

They draw on their collective backgrounds to gleefully live in their aging minds and bodies and relish in the complexities that improvised performance delivers.

Al Wunder: In Australia he is called the grandfather of improvised movement theatre. He was extremely lucky to have the renowned Ruth Zaporah (Action Theater) and Terry Sendgraff (Motivity) as his first students when he started evolving his pedagogy during the 1970’s in the United States. A second generation emerged in Melbourne, Australia during the 80’s and 90’s including Andrew Morrish, Peter Trotman, Born in a Taxi (David Wells, Nick Papas, Penny Baron, Carolyn Hanna) and Five Square Meters (Clare Bartholowmew, Andrew Gray, Michael Hurwood). Other performer/teachers influenced by his work include Janis Claxton (Edinburgh), James Cunningham and Suzon Fuks (Australia, Igneous), Wilhemeena Gordon (New Zealand, SOUL centre of the body & mind), John Briton, Hillary Elliott, Kate Hilder (England) and Susan Bentley (Brusells).

Julianne trained as an actor in the UK and worked in both theatre and television before returning to Australia and specialising as a voice teacher. She has spent the past 27 years working with performers of all kinds and joined the Arts Academy at Federation University in 2008. She has a master’s degree in Alexander Technique and the voice, and is one of the contributors to the publication, Galvanizing Performance: The Alexander Technique as a Catalyst for Excellence.

Robyn originally trained as a dancer/actor and she introduced dance programs at TAFE and started Graffiti Dance Theatre, a community dance company, acquiring grants from local, state, and Commonwealth bodies. Robyn spent 10 years choreographing and touring full length dance theatre programs influenced by Pina Bausch. A serious spinal injury left her in a full body cast with prognosis of paraplegia. Robyn recovered, redirecting her life and established a successful alternative healing practice in Melbourne and Ballarat.

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