Dark Machinery – HOOF Electronic Tap Dance – 11 August

Dark Machinery – HOOF Electronic Tap Dance – 11 August

At Home residency program
Supported by the Regional Centre for Culture

In residence 16 July – 12 August
Performance 11 August, 8pm

The Phee At Home residency program welcomes Campbells Creek couple Mr & Mrs Bray and their project to invent a pair of electronic tap dance shoes.

They will debut their high tech shoes and the accompanying industrial dance music act, H O O F, at their one off Dark Machinery Gothic Industrial club night on 11 August at the Phee Broadway Theatre.

‘Being a tap dancer married to a theatre technician we’ve for a long time had the idea to create a pair of tap shoes that can make any possible sound. The opportunity to be locked in the Phee Broadway has given us space to not only create the shoes, which we believe are the only kind in the world, but also to create an act around it – H O O F.’ said Mrs Bray, better known as local tap teacher Ms Evie.

The name H O O F is derived from hoofer, slang for tap dancer. The Bray’s draw upon their Irish, Scottish and Cornish heritage along with digital industrial sounds and heavy guitar to make H O O F a tap dance powered electronic folk metal stage act. Mrs Bray added, ‘we were going to demonstrate the shoes at a dull afternoon ‘showing’ but realised they deserved a whole evening of dark celebration, so we’ll turn the Phee into a goth club. It made sense.’

Along with local tap dance luminaries providing vocal samples the Bray’s are excited to have some local electronic music and club luminaries playing at Dark Machinery, Black Lung, recently back from a European tour and DJ AE, who was the host of Bendigo’s only gothic nightclub, Dark Entries.

Mr Bray said, ‘Black Lung and our DJ’s will be playing the music we listen to our rooms but on our new club sound system – I’m sure we can draw some old goths out of their dungeons and get them to put their eyeliner back on for one evening, if not for our electronic shoes, at least to hear Sisters of Mercy and Rammstein in a loud foggy dark room’

Dark Machinery is an 18+ licenced event.

Tickets available at the door.



$5 at the door