AT HOME – Sonic Labyrinth – Castlemaine State Festival – March

AT HOME – Sonic Labyrinth – Castlemaine State Festival – March


MARCH Saturday the 23rd & Sunday the 24th

11 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm sessions Рcheck Castlemaine State Festival  website


Aviva Endean and Justin Marshall share a deep fascination with sound and interactive artworks, focusing on creating spaces for deep listening as well as the playful engagement of the audience.


Sonic Labyrinth invites you into an immersive and interactive journey. Each turn uncovers the possibility for new ways of creating unusual experiences with sound and special listening devices that enable you to hear sounds on the edge of perception. The journey will have opportunities for solitary, intimate and collective sound-making, and reflects on the age-old uses of the labyrinth for problem-solving, accessing creativity, transformation and celebration. Suitable for children 9-12 years and adults do not need to stay for the performance.


Presented by Aviva Endean & Justin Marshall, Mount Alexander Shire Council and Castlemaine State Festival. Special thanks to Polyglot and Sue Giles.


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